Hawes & Curtis’ classic fit Formal range consists of superbly crafted business shirts which are designed to be worn to the work place. The classic fit provides the most generous cut and is suited to men who prefer a looser feel or men with larger builds. This style is comfortable and not constricting and creates a polished, professional look.

These exquisite Jermyn Street shirts are beautifully made from 100% two-fold cotton. This superior cotton creates a strong garment and gives it a soft, luxurious feel. Every shirt has been perfected with a unique silk touch finish which generates an even finer fabric with a smooth, silky surface. As well as being exceptionally comfortable to wear, this special finish ensures the quality of the cotton lasts even longer.

As many of our clients lead busy lives, Hawes & Curtis has also created non-iron classic fit shirts. These shirts are made from the same high quality two-fold cotton and they have been finished with the latest anti-crease technology. This means that when shirts are hung up to dry after washing, they remain remarkably crease free and exceptionally easy to iron.

The three styles available in the Formal classic fit range are the Ludlow, Windsor and Warwick shirts. The Ludlow shirts are designed with a chest pocket, a semi cutaway collar and single cuffs. The Windsor shirts feature double cuffs and a full cutaway collar which has been specifically designed by Hawes & Curtis to complement the Windsor knot. And the Warwick shirts have a semi-cutaway collar and traditional double cuffs.