Hawes & Curtis has long established themselves as a timeless and necessary addition to the world of style. The history of this renowned outfitter dates back more than a century ago to 1913. It was then that Ralph Hawes and Freddie Curtis brought their goal of making high quality, yet exclusive, men’s clothing line to fruition.

It is easy to find a clothes sale, or even a clearance sale. However, many times buying clothes at a discount can mean buying clothes that are poorly crafted or out of style. This couldn't be further from the truth with Hawes & Curtis sales. If you are looking for a bargain, but don’t want to skimp on style and quality, the Hawes & Curtis clothing sale is for you. Sales at Hawes & Curtis mean providing customers with the same craftsmanship and sophistication they have come to expect from their regularly priced clothing. The sale pieces offered are simply surplus stock from last season’s exquisite collections. The sale consists of clothes and accessories that were made with all the effort that every Hawes & Curtis piece has been made with since 1913.

In addition, the sale includes many different items from both the men's and women's collections and comprises of a wide selection to suit any demanding taste. Items on sale include stunning women's brooches and scarves, elegantly cut women's shirts, luxurious men's trousers, superior crafted leather belts, comfortable boat shoes, silk ties, and many other popular items. If you are a shopper with impeccable taste, yet love finding deals, this sale is for you.

Shopping from the men's clothes sale means that you don’t have to compromise on colours, textures, and patterns. Both the men's clothing sale and the women's sale offer a choice selection of patterns, colours, and styles. There are paisley prints, florals, stripes, spots, as well as our core work colours. Traditional and slim fits are both available in both the men’s clothing sale and the women’s shirt sale.

Whether you are shopping for a treat, for yourself, or selecting a tasteful gift for someone special, you have many stylish options with the sale pieces from Hawes & Curtis.