Exclusive Interview With George North

Monday January 8, 2018

Hawes & Curtis is extremely proud to be the official tailor to Northampton Saints Rugby Club. Founded in 1880, the club has been home to some of the world’s best players including Rugby World Cup winners and British and Irish Lions legends.

We caught up with the Northampton Saints winger, George North. North has established himself as one of the world’s best wingers and he has broken multiple records. He became the first teenager to reach 10 Test tries, and had played 21 times for Wales before turning 20. His tries at the 2011 Rugby World Cup made him the youngest try scorer at a World Cup as Wales reached the semi-finals for the first time in over 20 years.

Here, George North joins us to talk exclusively about his rugby career, what inspires him and the official Northampton Saints formalwear.


Q. When did your rugby career begin?

A. My professional rugby career began when I was 11 at Llandovery RFC in North Wales. My older brother started playing rugby before me and he loved it, so I wanted to play too.

Q. Is your brother a rugby player now?

A. No, he’s an osteopath now. The joke of the family is that he got the brains and I got the brawn. He’s very clever and he’s doing very well, so he can’t be too jealous!

Q. What’s the key to a successful rugby career?

A. A number of things – commitment, dedication, the desire to be the best you can be and never giving up. It’s a whole package with rugby. When you play a team sport you can’t give up when you’re hurting. You need to have the desire to always be better.

Q. Do you get any stick from the English Northampton players about being Welsh before the Six Nations?

A. I get a fair share of it but I wouldn’t expect anything different! It’s all in good humour though. 

Q. Who is your worst dressed team mate at Northampton and why?

A. There are two; Kieran Brookes who I’ve seen wear flip flops, a rugby shirt, a vest and a big Parka jacket which is quite shocking and Paul Hill because he just wears Crocs – and not just any Crocs – bright blue Crocs!

Q. Who inspires you?

A. The cliché is to say my parents but my dad has always inspired me from the beginning. He worked a full time job with four kids and still managed to find the time to drive me around the country to play rugby. He always encouraged me. My dad was always positive and my mum was the realist. I think that combination really inspires me to keep going each day and to pursue my dream.

Q. Who is more competitive, you or your fiancée (Olympic cyclist Rebecca James)?

A. I think we’re both quite even. There are some things I know I can never compete with – Becky is amazing at baking and cooking. Anything else I try and have a go at. It’s a very competitive house!

Q. Who were your childhood rugby idols?

A. The late Jonah Lomu was an absolute hero for many people and Bryan Habana is extremely impressive. Being a Welsh man, Shane Williams was a massive inspiration. I was really inspired by all three. 

Q. What do you look for in a suit?

A. I look for a well-fitting suit because I’m quite an odd size. I’m quite tall and robust so trying to find trousers that fit me is always a pain. The suit needs to be well-fitting and comfortable.

Q. What do you like best about the official Northampton Saints formalwear by Hawes & Curtis?

A. I love the bespoke details such as the team colours on the stitching and on the inside lining. When the whole team wears them we really make a big statement.


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