How to dress like the best

Thursday February 16, 2017


The Duke of Windsor

The Duke of Windsor was famous for popularising his signature Windsor knot in the 1930s and Hawes & Curtis created the Windsor collar especially for him. This iconic collar has since become an integral part of British fashion.


Fred Astaire

Hawes & Curtis is known for having introduced the backless evening waistcoat worn by the Duke of Windsor. Hollywood’s greatest dancer, Fred Astaire, asked Hawes & Curtis to make an identical version for himself; but he was regretfully refused due to the high demand for such garments from the British aristocracy!



Lord Mountbatten

Hawes & Curtis dressed Lord Mountbatten for most of his life. In 1955 Mountbatten wrote to Hawes & Curtis ordering eight suits from thirty yards of special tweed material.


Nick Cave

Legendary rock star Nick Cave is a fan of our signature Curtis shirts and often dons them on stage. Our famous Curtis shirts will ensure you take centre stage, with their distinctive high collars, statement prints and playful contrast details.


West Ham United

Hawes & Curtis is the official tailor to West Ham United Football Club. The exclusive West Ham United collection consists of luxurious Italian slim fit suits made from 140s wool and limited edition silk accessories.