Exclusive Interview With Ronan Louis Summers

Monday July 17, 2017

Since 2012, menswear blogger Ronan Louis Summers has shared his unique views on fashion, lifestyle and travel on his acclaimed blog The Wild Swans. A regular at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, his eye for style and passion for travel and design have earned him an impressive Instagram following. We catch up with Ronan during an exclusive photoshoot where he models one of our signature Curtis shirts.



Who is your style inspiration?

I don't have a particular style inspiration. I usually know what I like when it comes to clothes, so I when I attend Fashion Week it really refreshes my eye and creativity in that sense. I get more inspiration from places and art rather than a specific person.

What inspired you to write your blog?

I started my blog in 2012, and I really wanted to use it as my creative platform to  combine and channel all my ideas in one place, a way to sort of escape my day to day job!

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as unique to myself; I can wear something really classic and sartorial one day, and something that screams fashionista the next. It's always nice to be versatile when it comes to style.



How do you keep up to date with the latest fashion trends?

Well, attending Fashion Week is the best way to do so; I always seem to come back from Milan and Paris with amazing ideas! After all, we are surrounded for a few weeks with beautiful clothes, locations and creative minds.

What were your favourite new trends from Paris Fashion Week?

Stripes (vertical, horizontal, you name it), boiler suits (Prada did an amazing re-invention) and short shorts. (Shout out to Dior Homme and Fendi).

What is your favourite piece from the Hawes & Curtis SS17 collection?

My favourite piece is the yellow and blue striped shirt, it has a great summery vibe and is bold, also stripes are so in!

What do you like about the design of the Curtis shirts?

Above all, I'd say the cut and the fabrics, as these are amazing. Hawes & Curtis has so many different patterns and motifs to choose from, which makes the range for everybody who wants to dress smart.




What is your favourite season to dress for? 

When it comes to dressing, my favourite season is definitely winter, as I really love coats and jackets, also layering and accessorising with scarves and turtle necks is super fun.

What is your top style tip for dressing for summer?

Pick light fabrics like linen and soft cottons, and use the warm season as an incentive for picking pastel and muted colours like baby blue, ceramic pink and beige to look dapper.

What is your must have clothing item for travel? And why?

A good long coat is a travel essential. You can fit your boarding pass, passport and wallet in it and it adds that extra chic factor when you board the plane, or swish through the airport.

How has your style changed since you started your blog?

My style has matured a lot since I founded the blog. I do more research behind every look, whether it's the pattern, the fit or the styling. I'm more adventurous with my style but still feel comfortable in everything I put on myself.



What is your go to smart summer look?

A pair of well-cut tailored white trousers. 

Are shoes important to your overall style?

Absolutely, you can spoil your whole outfit with the wrong pair of shoes, or if they look particularly worn. Colour, shape and style are essential, and need to be carefully selected depending on what you wear, so I always recommend that you have a few different pairs available in your wardrobe.

Tie or Bow Tie?

Skinny tie for me, they are very versatile and can be worn for more formal events and casual occasions. I find wide ties and bow ties have their time and place, which for me isn't that often.


Read The Wild Swans and explore Ronan’s Instagram page for expert sartorial advice.