18 May '20 / Features
Staycation in UK | Hawes and Curtis
15 Jul '20 / Features

How To Staycation In Style

Whilst a far flung destination may not be on the cards this summer, we can still enjoy a holiday closer to home. Whether it’s a coastal sojourn, a country retreat or a barbecue in the garden, we have the perfect pieces for a stylish staycation.

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18 Jun '20 / Features

Look The Business When You Go Back To Work

Whether you work in a corporate setting, a smart casual agency or a laid-back start-up, here’s our guide to help you look your best for when you return to work, wherever you work.  

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27 May '20 / Features

The Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

It’s almost Fathers’ Day once again, so we’ve curated an edit of the best gifts for the most stylish dads around. From sophisticated silk accessories to the sharpest shirts, shop Hawes & Curtis’ guide for presents your father will truly treasure.

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