Blue Suits

From timeless navy hues to lighter tones, the blue suit is a wardrobe staple that will complement any style. Ideal as workwear and formalwear and anything in between, Hawes & Curtis offers a selection of perfectly tailored blue suits in a variety of styles, materials and fits. Whether you are aiming to build a capsule wardrobe that is elegant while also being on trend, or you are seeking a classic clothing item that will never go out of style, this is a suit that will see you through any and every event, with panache.


What makes men's blue suits such a timeless choice is their versatility. A navy blue suit gives you the flexibility of a dark neutral, with a hint of colour that that is less severe than black. Navy can be worn with any colour, including neutrals, monochrome shades and brights or pastels. It is smart enough to be worn to any formal event, whether a wedding, a fundraiser or a corporate dinner. It is also versatile enough to be dressed down without a tie. Light blue suits are ideal for outdoor events, from polo to luncheons, galas or daytime weddings. This shade can be worn with most colours; especially lighter shades of neutral, grey and white.


All of our suits have an excellent fit, ensuring that you never have to feel uncomfortable in a suit that may be too baggy or too tight. Browse our selection of finely made blue suits to choose the hue that suits your preferences, and experience our long-standing legacy of quality and style.