Jermyn Street Style five easy steps
Want to achieve the iconic Jermyn Street look but don't know where to start? We kindly asked our stylish friend David Evans (aka Grey Fox Blog) to reveal the fundamentals of how to dress like a gentleman.
Find the perfect fit
"If your clothes don’t fit properly you’ll find it very hard to dress with style. Shopping at menswear stores where you can be guaranteed expert and impartial advice is important. I know from my experiences at Hawes & Curtis that you will find such help in their stores."
Quality over quantity
"Buy less and pay more is a fundamental rule. Far better to have fewer well-made clothes that you really like, feel good in and which last well, than a large wardrobe, most of which you seldom wear."
The details matter
"Complement your well-fitting clothes with little details that show your taste and style. For work, a colourful silk tie with your suit can be paired with a pocket square. They mustn’t match - better to take one colour or pattern from the tie and echo that in the pocket square."
Colour & pattern
"Select an anchor colour to run through your outfit. If you wear a tie with blue in it, echo that blue in accessories like socks, belt, pocket square to pull the look together."
Confidence is key
"The true stylish man will always look good, whatever he’s doing. Being stylish isn’t just something you do for work or for going out. It should never take over your life, but a few moment’s thought is all that’s needed to put together a stylish look."