At Hawes & Curtis, we realise that a gentleman who dresses well cares about all aspects of his outfit. That is why we have been a fixture on Jermyn Street, London's centre for the highest quality menswear and accompanying items, since 1913. For over a century, we have served royalty, celebrities, business leaders and discriminating gentlemen who want only the finest in designer menswear.

Hawes & Curtis has evolved in our over one hundred years. We continue to offer the wardrobe staples such as shirts and suits but have also developed a line of luxury accessories that allow you to create a stylish look down to the last detail. As with all of our offerings we insist on using the best quality material and craftsmanship to satisfy our demanding customers. We are now proud to feature our luxury silk cufflinks so you can add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

The cufflink has been a men's dress item for several centuries but it was England's own Edward the VII, when he was still the Prince of Wales, that popularised it as an accessory that became statement piece for gentlemen in England and later all of Europe. Even though dress shirts today come with the option of buttoned cuffs, many gentlemen both young and old still prefer to wear a shirt with double cuffs and a pair of cufflinks to demonstrate their style.

Silk knots are a simple yet dressy accessory that can be used to put the final bit of panache with your business suit. We offer them in a variety of colours and patterns to match what you are wearing. You may want a more restrained solid hue that matches your shirt to blend in. Or you may want a sharp contrasting colour or pattern to add some flair that stands out but remains tasteful and appropriate for the office or a formal evening event.

We offer the traditional two knot link (colloquially called "monkey fists") as well as silk barrels, a more modern variant on the classic design which contains the classic knot on one end and the barrel on the other. Either one works well to add that final bit of elegance to your formal wear.

Browse our cufflinks and find the right colour and style for you. With our cufflinks with all our other accessories, you can ensure that you will look sharp down to the last detail.