*Mix & Match Men's Shirts 3 for £90 offer excludes men's evening shirts, silk shirts & limited edition shirts.

Hawes & Curtis has long been known for our quality stylish clothing. Since 1913 we have been serving clients with reliable clothing that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. Some of our clientele have included the Hollywood elite, aristocrats, as well as Royalty. In fact, Hawes & Curtis created a shirt style, the famous spread collar, just for the Windsor knot, which was inspired by the Duke of Windsor himself. This shirt was created after the Duke of Windsor granted the renowned clothing maker its first royal warrant assignment. Since that time we have introduced the backless waistcoat, mastered the art of crafting a luxurious evening gown, and have been an expert in both men’s and women’s clothing. Today, one of the items that Hawes & Curtis is known for is our exquisite men's ties.

The Hawes & Curtis heritage and commitment to clothing that is stylish is shown in the Hawes & Curtis tie. Our men's ties are made from the finest quality silk and finished with wool interlining. The men's ties UK collection has something for every occasion and taste, with many colours, patterns and styles to choose from. Patterns include florals, large and small paisleys, spots, colour blocks, squared spots, teardrops, and many others.

Silk Woven Men's Ties
One of our most popular ties are the silk woven ties. These stylish pieces are made from 100 percent silk and measure 150cm in length and 8.5cm in width. Some silk woven ties are available for purchase paired with matching pocket squares.

Men’s Luxury Cravat
The luxury cravats from the Hawes & Curtis men's ties collection combine comfort and style. They feature woven designs for quality and style and a narrow adjustable neckband for comfort. Also available are coordinating waistcoats and handkerchiefs to complete the look you want to achieve.

The Knitted Tie
The newest member of the tie collection is the knitted tie. They are made from 100 percent knitted silk that will complete a formal look. With a 6cm width, these ties are made for the modern gentlemen with contemporary style in mind.

Bow Ties
Bow Ties from Hawes & Curtis and distinguished, yet fuss free. Made from 10 percent silk, these stylish bow ties offer a secure and comfortable fit.

Men's ties UK from Hawes & Curtis compliment the other men’s clothing offered by us. Whether it’s a normal day at the office or a black tie affair, Hawes & Curtis can meet all your style needs.