About our Black Suits for Men

Every men's wardrobe requires a well-fitting black suit, a pair of high end formal shoes, a quality belt and a tailored shirt. Black suits are of the most important items in any man’s wardrobe, and they are ideal for work or play. Hawes & Curtis offers a selection of flawlessly tailored suits in classic black.

There are two major types of men's suits in this colour. One is slightly less formal as it can be worn for the boardroom or casual lunch dates for a polished, elegant look. The other style is a dinner suit that can be dressed up for formal events. These suits are ideal for any manner of special events, from black tie galas, to awards ceremonies, weddings and other occasions that demand a more formal dress code. While a black suit is absolutely essential for a great wardrobe, you need to know when to wear it. Consider the cut, fabric and lapels when determining which suit is best for your upcoming event. By general rule of thumb, a slim fit suit will usually be best suited to formal events. Pairing your suit with the right shirt, tie, shoes and accessories will also affect the overall look.

It is without question that a high end black suit is a very necessary piece of every well-dressed man's line of clothing. With the right fit, cut and material, a black suit from Hawes & Curtis will never go out of style.