At Hawes & Curtis we recognise that a gentleman cares about all aspects of his wardrobe. In addition to suits and shirts for formal occasions he cares just as much about his look when he is off duty. For those times that you are relaxing at home or just need a casual top, Hawes & Curtis presents its line of t shirts for men.

Our men's t shirts are available in a range of colours. We offer a simple white t shirt, a bright cobalt blue or a more subtle group of charcoal, grey and black shirts. Our t-shirts are all made of 100 percent Supima cotton. Supima is among the world's finest cottons and is made from only the highest grade of cotton produced.

All of our t shirts are garment dyed. This makes the shirt comfortable to wear and soft to touch. It enhances the colour and prevents shrinkage when you first wash it, so when you wear this shirt the first time you will know it will continue to fit. The result is a shirt that is both stylish and luxuriously comfortable.

Our t-shirts are extremely versatile. They are light and subtle enough to be used as a bottom layer of a more formal outfit or simply when the weather calls for more layers. Alternatively, they can be paired with designer chinos or jeans to create a sharp look in a casual setting. They are also durable enough to be worn if you need to do some outdoor work.

We offer our t-shirts in both a classic crew neck style and a more modern v-neck style. A crew neck shirt is worn best when used as an undershirt. Whereas a v-neck provides a sharper look and goes well with chinos or designer jeans. As an undergarment, a v-neck goes best with an open collar.

Our t-shirts come in a full range of sizes. Our sizes include extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large. When you browse these shirts and find one to your liking you can be assured that you will find the perfect fit. Browse our offerings and you will find t-shirts that will be an outstanding addition to your wardrobe.