About our Curtis Shirts for men

Since 1913, Hawes & Curtis have been creating upscale designer clothes for both men and women. We began our successful empire with only one storefront on the corner of Piccadilly and Jermyn Street. Little did we know that we would go on to serve many famous Hollywood elite’s, as well as aristocracy. Our clothing is of the highest quality, yet is still comfortable and stylish. We offer men's printed shirts, business casual attire, menswear, and women’s wear.

Hawes & Curtis is widely known for being the first to introduce a backless evening waistcoat. The Review of Savile Row Tailors said that by the 1930s, Curtis was an authority figure when it came to the evening dress and designer menswear. In addition, they were impressed with what he had done to keep shirts from bulging out of creeping-up waistcoats. According to them, he was better than any other outfitter in London. Curtis combined style with scientific mathematical lines to create the perfect shirt. This craftsmanship is still present in the Hawes & Curtis brand today.

Style is defined as a distinctive appearance. It makes something unique and sets it apart. The Curtis Shirts from Hawes & Curtis are all about style. These bold men's shirts come complete with unique detailing in fresh colors and audacious prints. The designers and stylists at Hawes & Curtis know that sophisticated men are not just looking for another typical shirt to add to their wardrobe. They want a shirt that is smart, yet casual, bold, but refined. Our customers know that sporting a signature Curtis shirt will not only reveal a little bit of their personality, but will make a statement. Hawes & Curtis also know this and that is why many of our Curtis Shirts are limited edition and made in small quantities.

The Curtis shirts collection features men’s printed shirts in slim fit, with either classic or high collars and single cuffs. Choices include sensational florals, paisley prints, checks and spots, which add a touch of class and style. Colours include green, navy blue, red, fuchsia, black, and white. These men’s shirts are 100 percent cotton for easy care and a flattering fit. In order to craft a defined, yet casual silhouette, the Curtis Shirt is slightly tapered over the waist and chest.

If you are searching for a statement shirt that is stylish and fits well, then Curtis Shirts are just for you