*Mix & Match Men's Shirts 3 for £90 offer excludes men's evening shirts, silk shirts & limited edition shirts.

Hawes & Curtis has been making quality designer menswear since our founding in 1913. We have never wavered from our commitment to using the best materials and the most skilled craftsmanship. A permanent fixture of Jermyn Street, we have always been at the forefront of British style. Now we are proud to offer you our most innovative casual wear in our most popular fit. The Slim Fit Curtis shirt combines our unique designs with the fit that is becoming preeminent for men's designer shirts.


Our Curtis shirts are our signature line of men's casual shirts. They are characterised by their bold colours and patterns to offer you creative casual wear. These shirts are perfect for the gentleman who wants to display a bold look. They are appropriate in either a business casual environment or for social engagements that call for a smart casual look. Consider wearing them with a pair of designer jeans or chinos for a truly sharp look.


Our most popular fit for these shirts is our slim fit. Our men's slim fit shirts are a departure from the traditional British cut and are in line with the trend toward more fitted shirts. Slim fit shirts include gentle tapering at both the waist and the chest. This is a continental inspired look that has become incredibly popular with our customers. It provides a flattering yet comfortable fit that is in line with modern designer shirts.


Hawes & Curtis firmly believes that casual shirts for men require the same quality material as our formal shirts. Our slim fit Curtis shirts are all made from the same luxury 100% 2 ply cotton and they wear extremely well. They are durable and continue to wear well over time being machine washable and will still keep their form with little or no ironing required.The Curtis Shirts allow you to customize your look with different collar finishes. We offer a semi cutaway collar that can be worn open or with a necktie. We also offer a full cutaway collar that Hawes & Curtis originally developed do go with the Windsor knot. Each Curtis shirt is produced in limited editions. If you wear these you know that you're look will be a unique one.


So take the time to browse and find a design that suits your fancy. We are sure that you will make the Curtis Shirt a bold complement to your wardrobe.