*Mix & Match Men's Shirts 3 for £90 offer excludes men's evening shirts, silk shirts & limited edition shirts.

Hawes & Curtis has been crafting quality men's shirts since its founding on Jermyn Street and Piccadilly Arcade in 1903. For over a century we have been leaders in producing a quintessentially British look. Hawes & Curtis's menswear was an essential part of the "dress soft" movement popularized by the Duke of Windsor. We continue to be on the cutting edge of British style today.


Our formal shirts remain a wardrobe staple in the business world. To fit the tastes of our customers we offer our work shirts in a variety of fittings. On this page we highlight our Extra Slim Fit shirts.


The Extra Slim shirts are our most contemporary style of formal shirt. These fitted shirts are cut very close to the body to create a streamlined silhouette. For gentlemen who find a traditional British cut to be too "boxy" in the waist, the extra slim cut is an excellent choice as it moulds to the contours of the body. These shirts go particularly well on an slim athletic build.


Our commitment to using only the highest quality materials gives the extra slim shirts a truly luxurious feel. We make all of our formal wear with 2 ply 100s cotton. We then add a unique silk touch finish. The result is a shirt that is incredibly comfortable and rests well on the wearer. Our unique mix of cotton and silk also has the advantage of giving you a shirt that is both durable and extremely easy to iron.


We offer the extra slim cut in both traditional and modern colours and patterns. You can browse our extra slim shirts and find both simple solids as well as more innovative colour and pattern combinations. For a truly unique yet professional look consider our Prince of Wales checked design in a variety of contrasting colourways. Many of our extra slim shirts also add a modern twist of contrasting collars or cuffs. All of these shirts function well in a business environment or a formal social atmosphere.


When it comes to men's shirts, gentlemen have always recognised Hawes & Curtis to be a leader in the field. We encourage you to sample our offerings and consult our online style guide so you can find your perfect shirt. If you like a shirt with an opulent feel that wears close to your body, the extra slim shirt is an outstanding choice.