About our polo shirts for men

Since 1913, Hawes & Curtis has been a fixture on Jermyn Street, the centre of quality menswear in Great Britain. We have thrived because we have always recognised the trends and directions of men's style. Here we are pleased to offer our latest line of men's polo shirts as part of our casual wear line.

The modern day polo is a style trend that comes from the popularisation of formerly aristocratic sports. Competitive sportsmen in tennis, golf and, of course, polo began to develop athletic wear that focused more on comfort and performance than on satisfying an increasingly anachronistic dress code. These shirts have since become known as polo shirts and have since crossed over into every day wear as part of a smart casual look.

Hawes & Curtis's casual polos are made of 100 percent garment dyed cotton. The garment dying process creates a softer shirt for a more luxurious feel. It also prevents both shrinking and colour fading in the wash, so you know that the shirt you buy will remain the shirt that you wear even after several washes. You could also try our mens white polo shirts.

We offer our polos in both short sleeve and long sleeves. Our long sleeve shirt is made of 100 percent Supima cotton. Supima cotton comes exclusively from the highest quality cotton and has a particularly luxurious feel.

Hawes & Curtis offers a variety of classic colours. In our short sleeve polos we also offer a unique contrast detail up in the collar. This gives you a modern twist on the classic polo design. Our short sleeve shirts contain two buttons at the neck. You can pair them with chinos and you have a timeless off duty look that is both stylish and comfortable.

We now offer the polo shirt in our popular slim fit. The slim fit departs from the classic British shirt style and is more in line with a continental look. We slightly taper the shirt at the waist and the chest to create a shirt that hews closer to the body. This allows for both a defined look and a comfortable fit.

We invite you to browse our offerings to find the design and fit that is best for you. We are confident that once you try Hawes & Curtis's casual polos, you will have found the casual shirt you need for your leisurely day out.