About our purple shirts for men

Available in a variety of patterns and styles, a purple shirt from Hawes & Curtis will complement any professional and formal wardrobe. It is a strong colour that demands attention, and it is not for those who wish to fade into the background. A purple men’s shirt can be transformed to suit almost any occasion. There are many shades of purple to choose, from lilac to violet.

Purple is a strong colour, so style a purple shirt with neutral tones such as a charcoal, navy or grey suit. Worn casually, a purple striped shirt in lilac, violet or a brighter tone is balanced well with a pair of beige or light coloured chinos. Ties should be limited to neutral tones that do not overpower the shirt.

Wearing a purple shirt is a great way to inject regal colour into your formalwear. Browse our range of purple shirts for men to find your ideal hue at Hawes & Curtis.