At Hawes & Curtis, style is timeless. As with many aspects in life, we must move onto new endeavors and opportunities, while holding onto what is important. This rings true with the women’s clothes line from Hawes & Curtis. We carry our heritage with us and it is a vital factor in how we plan our prestigious clothing line. We know that as a sophisticated woman who never settles for less than the best, you crave new clothing; Attire that incorporates the latest and most innovative fabrics, patterns, colors, finishes, and cuts. That is why we are constantly bringing you new selections of women's clothes to build your wardrobe from.

Our customers demand the best from their clothing, whether it be work clothes for women, dressing for a night out on the town, or anything in between. When Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis opened their first store in 1913 on Piccadilly Arcade, they believed that clothing should not only look exclusive, but it should also fit perfectly and make the wearer feel confident about themselves. In fact, in 1930, Curtis was known for being the authority that would keep shirts from protruding and waistcoats in their proper place. From the beginning, our clothing was made with methodical and precise lines, which still maintain a crisp and fresh style. We still hold to these standards and pride ourselves in offering new clothing selections to Hollywood’s elite and aristocracy.

When you purchase your wardrobe from the new women’s clothing range from Hawes & Curtis, value the fact that you are in good company as our new collections are inspired by collaborations with the likes of film studios; as seen in the film ‘The Man from Uncle’. Such partnerships grant our customers a unique connection with Hollywood providing them with an outstanding selection of uniquely designed attire.

Hawes & Curtis has long been a brand that provides sophisticated womenswear. From their renowned evening gowns of the 1930s, to today’s women’s blouses and slacks, women who want to look their best and feel confident shop with us. Check back frequently to be kept up to date on the new and prestigious women's clothes online.