Hawes & Curtis is an authority on classic women’s style. At Hawes & Curtis, we only offer the most sophisticated accessories for women. We sell a stylish trilby hat and some of the most luxurious leather gloves currently on the market. The classic hats and stylish gloves from Hawes & Curtis give you an elegant, refined look. Whether you are looking for a Balmoral cap or luxury gloves, we can ensure you that we have the fashion accessories you need to give you that chic look that will help you stand out from the crowd.

The black moleskin Balmoral cap is a hat that was handmade in the UK. This cap is both stylish and practical. Despite what the weather condition currently is, this cap will remain firmly in place because of the way it was designed. If you are seeking a contemporary country look, this hat is ideal for you.

The gloves we have at Hawes & Curtis give a sense of luxury. They are fully lined with Milanese silk and are also hand sewn. The gloves are made by Dents, the premier glove maker of the UK. This company has been in business and handcrafting gloves since 1977. These gloves are made so that you can properly care for them in the case you get them wet. If your gloves get wet, allow them to dry naturally and keep them away from any external heat source. We want you to express your style each day and we hope that we can help you do that by providing you with these beautifully handcrafted gloves.

Hawes & Curtis’ focus is to always provide stylish pieces to help people look at the top of their game. At Hawes & Curtis, we know that you want the most elegant and sophisticated accessories available. This is why we take great pride in the caps and gloves we sell. The ladies hats and the ladies leather gloves we sell are made with high quality material so that your product can have a prolonged life and provide style for longer.